Go! Anpanman: Horror Man and Horror Horako

Categories: Animation, Family
One day, when Baikinman and co. are at the beach, Horrorman encounters a girl who looks a lot like him, Hora Horako. Horako goes about telling made-up stories to others, including a story about herself being Horrorman's daughter. While Anpanman and friends wonder if it could be true, Horrorman immediately believes her stories, leading to a clash with Baikinman.

Status: Released
Release date: 2007-07-14
Run time: 20 minute / 0:20
Director: Hiroyuki Yano
Writer: Tomoko Konparu
Production Companies : VAP, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Production Country: Japan



Kaneta Kimotsuki
as Horrorman
Kanako Enomoto
as Horror Horako
Konami Yoshida
as Princess Yuzu
Keiko Toda
as Anpanman
Hiroshi Masuoka
as Jam-Ojisan
Tomoko Konparu Screenplay

Hiroyuki Yano Director

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