The Pentagon denied it was a UFO. But one man knew better, because he was there.

Category: Science Fiction
Based on the book "UFO Crash at Roswell" by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt, Roswell follows the attempts of Major Jesse Marcel to discover the truth about strange debris found on a local rancher's field in July of 1947. Told by his superiors that what he has found is nothing more than a downed weather balloon, Marcel maintains his military duty until the weight of the truth, however out of this world it may be, forces him to piece together what really occurred.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1994-07-31
Run time: 91 minute / 1:31
Director: Jeremy Kagan
Writer: Arthur Kopit
Production Companies : Citadel Entertainment, Showtime Networks



Kyle MacLachlan
as Jesse Marcel
Martin Sheen
as Townsend
Dwight Yoakam
as Mac Brazel
Xander Berkeley
as Sherman Carson
Bob Gunton
as Frank Joyce
Kim Greist
as Vy Marcel
Peter MacNicol
as Lewis Rickett
John M. Jackson
as Colonel Blanchard
Nick Searcy
as Mortician
Charles Hallahan
as Pilot MacIntire (Older)
Ray McKinnon
as Deputy Joe Pritchard
Eugene Roche
as James Forrestal
Charles Martin Smith
as Sheriff Wilcox
Doug Wert
as Jesse Marcel Jr. (Older)
Hoke Howell
as Bar Vet
Cynthia Allison
as TV Commentator
Matthew Faison
as General Ramey
Lisa Waltz
as Janet Foss
Philip Baker Hall
as Roswell General
Lawrence Dobkin
as General
Warren Munson
as Yellow Hat Vet
Elliot Goldenthal Music

Bill Corso Special Effects

Jeremy Kagan Director

Arthur Kopit Screenplay

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