JFK: The Private President

Category: Documentary
In January 1961, a new generation in the guise of John F. Kennedy moved into the White House. All of a sudden politics were youthful, dynamic and sexy. During the brief period in which he was in office, the first pop star of politics accompanied America through the darkest days of the Cold War. At the same time, his signal to embark in new directions was eagerly welcomed by younger generations all around the world. Later on, Jackie Kennedy was to compare his presidency with Camelot - the legendary court of King Arthur. Yet, there were also dark sides to this popular president's life.

Status: Released
Release date: 2013-01-01
Run time: 53 minute / 0:53
Director: Kathrin Seelmann-Eggebert
Production Company : First Run Features
Production Country: United States of America


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