The Carpetbaggers

It is unlikely that you will experience in a lifetime all that you will see in... THE CARPETBAGGERS.

Category: Drama
The Carpetbaggers is a 1964 American film starring George Peppard as a character based largely on Howard Hughes and Alan Ladd as a former western gunslinger turned actor with the pseudonym Nevada Smith, played the following year in a prequel starring Steve McQueen in the part. Carroll Baker portrayed an actress inspired by Jean Harlow, who appeared in Hughes' film epic Hell's Angels. The Carpetbaggers was directed by Edward Dmytryk, filmed in 70mm, and was Alan Ladd's final film; Ladd died some months before its release.In the movie, George Peppard plays a hard-driven industrialist more than a little reminiscent of Howard Hughes. While he builds airplanes, directs movies and breaks hearts, his friends and lovers try to reach his human side, and find that it's an uphill battle. The film's title is a metaphor for self-promoting tycoons who perform quick financial takeovers, impose dictatorial controls for short-term profits, then move on to greener pastures.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1964-04-08
Run time: 150 minute / 2:30
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Writer: John Michael Hayes
Production Companies : Paramount, Embassy Pictures Corporation
Production Country: United States of America


George Peppard
as Jonas Cord Junior
Alan Ladd
as Nevada Smith
Carroll Baker
as Rina Marlowe Cord
Robert Cummings
as Dan Pierce
Martha Hyer
as Jennie Denton
Elizabeth Ashley
as Monica Winthrop
Lew Ayres
as 'Mac' McAllister
Martin Balsam
as Bernard B. Norman
Ralph Taeger
as Buzz Dalton
Archie Moore
as Jedediah
Leif Erickson
as Jonas Cord Senior
Arthur Franz
as Morrissey
Tom Tully
as Amos Winthrop
Audrey Totter
as Prostitute
Anthony Warde
as Moroni
Charles Lane
as Denby
Bess Flowers
as Wedding Guest
Ann Doran
as Reporter
Vaughn Taylor
as Doctor
Tom Lowell
as David Woolf
John Conte
as Ed Ellis
Francesca Bellini
as Cynthia Randall
Lisa Seagram
as Moroni's Secretary
Victoria Jean
as Jo Ann Cord
Paul Frees
as Narrator (voice)
Joseph E. Levine Producer

John Michael Hayes Screenplay

Hal Pereira Art Direction

Elmer Bernstein Music
John R. Carter Sound Recordist

Frank Bracht Editor

Walter H. Tyler Art Direction

Joseph MacDonald Director of Photography

Edward Dmytryk Director

Harold Robbins Novel

Jim Miller Sound Recordist

Art Say Still Photographer
Norbert Haring Grip

Robert McCrellis Props

Sam Freed Jr. Musician © 2020

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