The Pursuers

A group of former concentration camp prisoners has formed an underground network to hunt Nazi leaders, who are still on the loose. At a secret meeting in Paris they discuss what to do with the former Auschwitz commandant Karl Brochmann, who since 12 years lives in London under the false identity of Karl Luther. They decide to take the law in their own hands, and send their member David to London. He starts his commission by scaring Luther, to see his reactions. Luther is already nervous, because the newspapers are writing about the capture of Eichmann. When he finds out that somebody has broken into his apartment and painted a swastika on his mirror, he gets terrified. He empties his bank account, packs a bag with all his cash and runs away, followed by David.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1961-12-31
Run time: 63 minute / 1:3
Director: Godfrey Grayson


Cyril Shaps
as Luther
Francis Matthews
as David
Susan Denny
as Jenny
George Murcell
as Freddy
Sheldon Lawrence
as Rico
Gertan Klauber
as Bernstein
Richard Marner
as Aranson
John Gabriel
as Wally
Tony Doonan
as Wilmo
Steve Plytas
as Petersen
Andre Mikhelson
as Von Krosig
Alexis Chesnakov
as Lunde
Reginald Marsh
as Inspector
Brian Clemens Story

Walter J. Harvey Director of Photography

Godfrey Grayson Director © 2020

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