Club Le Monde

London '93 - If you remember it, you weren't there

Category: Comedy
London, 1993: a wild range of clubbers get together to drink, drug, dance and waste the night away at one of city's most happening underground venues...Club Le Monde.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2002-10-11
Run time: 76 minute / 1:16
Director: Simon Rumley


Dawn Steele
as Jacqui
Allison McKenzie
as Ali
Frank Harper
as Danny
Annette Badland
as Stella
Tony Maudsley
as Mosh
Lyndi Oliver
as Angela
Brad Gorton
as Mike
Daniel Ainsleigh
as Steve
Tom Connolly
as Anthony
Tom Halstead
as Patrick
Emma Pike
as Yas
Tania Emery
as Kelly
Nadine Marshall
as Vanessa
Emil Marwa
as Chundah
Andrea Lowe
as Sarah
Lee Oakes
as Chas
Emma Handy
as Ra
Gunilla Karlson
as Irene
Indra Ové
as Elaine
Roddy McDevitt
as Alan
Danny Nussbaum
as Mr Sunglasses
David Fahm
as Richard
Kate Ford
as Jane
Robert White
as Don
Paul Popplewell
as Dil
Jay Simpson
as Mark
Daisy Haggard
as Jan
Wendy Wason
as Lizzie
Tom Fisher
as Davida
Tatum O'Brien
as Karina
as Tanita
Bruce Byron
as Terry
Brandon Block
as Himself
Alex P.
as Himself
Mr C.
as Himself
Pavel Rimburg
as Sick Boy
Jo Warder
as Barmaid
Bill Carrick
as Elderly Man
Luisa Samuel
as Elderly Woman
Anneke Botha
as Lone Dancer
Seelan Gunaseelan
as Dancer in Club
Eddie Hamilton Editor

Simon Rumley Director

Simon Rumley Writer © 2020

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