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The sequel to the prequel that no one has seen.

Category: Comedy
Evelyn Ward and David E.M. Croft have less than a week to bring the cast and crew of a BAFTA winning short back together before losing BBC funding. They won a BAFTA, the BBC want them, but they all hate each other (Classic waste of our license fee).

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2017-02-04
Run time: 73 minute / 1:13
Director: Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez


Amy Brangwyn
as Evelyn
David Ellis
as Dave
Mish Boyko
as Mish
Hannah Redfern
as Jess
Phil Featherstone
as Nick
Joel Ormsby
as Joel
Matt Granados
as Christian
Scott Clee
as Ben
Anna Swan
as Annie
Kevin Varty
as Kevin
Tim Elliston
Callum Turner
as Callum
Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez Director

Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez Writer

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