Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie III: The Rumbling Sky

Categories: Science Fiction, Action, Animation, War, Drama
The Earth Forces has commissioned another Archangel-class ship, the Dominion; its sole mission is to destroy the renegade Archangel. As the battle draws to its ultimate conclusion, it is possible that humanity itself will be the victim. Kira, Athrun, and the others must stop a war that threatens both sides with genocide!

Status: Released
Release date: 2004-10-22
Run time: 95 minute / 1:35
Director: Mitsuo Fukuda
Writers: Hajime Yatate, Chiaki Morosawa.
Production Companies : Bandai Visual, SUNRISE
Production Country: Japan


Yoshiyuki Tomino Story
Hajime Yatate Screenplay

Mitsuo Fukuda Director

Chiaki Morosawa Screenplay

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