Warriors of the Year 2072

Categories: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
In the future, two television networks compete for ratings by producing violent game shows. One network produces a modern day version of the Roman gladiators, only on motorcycles instead of chariots, and uses convicted murderers as the participants, The network decides it needs a champion for this sport, so they frame a constant winner from another game for murder, and place him on the show.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1984-01-28
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: Lucio Fulci
Writers: Lucio Fulci, Dardano Sacchetti, Elisa Briganti, Cesare Frugoni.
Production Company : Regency Productions
Production Country: Italy



Jared Martin
as Drake
Fred Williamson
as Abdul
Howard Ross
as Raven
Eleonora Brigliadori
as Sarah
Cosimo Cinieri
as Professor Towman
Claudio Cassinelli
as Cortez
Valéria Cavalli
as Susan
Donald O'Brien
as Monk
Penny Brown
as Sybil
Al Cliver
as Kirk
Mario Novelli
as Tango
Haruhiko Yamanouchi
as Akira
Omero Capanna
as Hitman
Matteo Corsini
Giovanni Di Benedetto
as Sam
Lucio Fulci
Cinzia Monreale
as Linda
Franco Moruzzi
as Gladiator
Costume & Make-Up
Mario Giorsi Costume Design

Lucio Fulci Screenplay

Lucio Fulci Director

Riz Ortolani Music

Edmondo Amati Producer
Giacomo Caló Carducci Production Designer

Dardano Sacchetti Screenplay
Dardano Sacchetti Story
Elisa Briganti Screenplay
Elisa Briganti Story

Vincenzo Tomassi Editor

Maurizio Amati Producer

Cesare Frugoni Screenplay

Giuseppe Pinori Cinematography

Franco Vanorio Production Designer
Sandro Amati Producer

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