Tales of the Unusual

Categories: Horror, Comedy, Romance
A four-part anthology in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, this film starts off with a group of commuters stranded at a train station in the rain, listening to stories told by one of the group. These include tales of a group stranded in the mountains and haunted by guilt over a death they inadvertantly caused, an emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game for an eccentric millionaire, a wandering medieval samurai who finds a modern-day cell phone on the ground and a person on the other end asking questions about the past, and a young couple who agree to try a computer simulation of what their future as husband and wife would be like.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2000-11-03
Run time: 126 minute / 2:6
Directors: Masayuki Ochiai, Masayuki Suzuki, Mamoru Hoshi, Hisao Ogura.
Production Country: Japan


Kazuyuki Aijima
as Manabe (segment "One Snowy Night") / Salaryman (segment "The Storyteller")
Izumi Inamori
as Chiharu Takajo (segment "The Marriage Simulator")
Renji Ishibashi
as Old Man (segment "Chess")
Takashi Kashiwabara
as Yuichi Tokunagi (segment "The Marriage Simulator")
Narumi Kayashima
as (segment "The Marriage Simulator")
Masahiro Komoto
as Seiichi Tomoda (segment "Chess")
Ikue Masudo
as (segment "The Marriage Simulator") (as Saya Takagi)
Akihiko Murata
Kiichi Nakai
as (segment "Samurai Cellular")
Hideyuki Nakayama
Ren Osugi
as Yoshiaki Yamauchi (segment "One Snowy Night")
Yukiko Okamoto
as Kumi Kato (segment "Chess")
Megumi Okina
as Karu (segment "Samurai Cellular")
Kazuma Suzuki
as Takuro Yuki (segment "One Snowy Night")
Shinji Takeda
as Akira Kato (segment "Chess")
as Storyteller (segment "The Storyteller")
Keiko Toda
as Riku (segment "Samurai Cellular")
Koji Yamamoto
as College Student (segment "The Storyteller")
Isao Yatsu
as Old Man (segment "The Storyteller")
Norito Yashima
as Man (segment "Samurai Cellular")
Akiko Yada
as Misa Kihara (segment "One Snowy Night")
Masayuki Ochiai Director

Masayuki Ochiai Writer

Daisuke Sekiguchi Producer

Masayuki Suzuki Director

RyƓichi Kimizuka Writer

Mamoru Hoshi Director

Hiroshi Takase Cinematography

Hisao Ogura Director

Tomoko Aizawa Writer
Motoki Nakamura Writer
Katsuhide Suzuki Writer

Hironori Doi Original Music Composer

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