Vampiyan Kids

Categories: Comedy, Animation
Have you ever heard of the Vampiyans? One noble family of such vegetarian vampires have been banished from Monster Land for their inability to scare humans. To lift the exile set on the family, Papa, the head of the household, must scare 1000 humans. To this end, he attempts to use his magnificent skills in making new inventions, but always and inevitably fails. To complicate things further, Papa's daughter Suh falls in love with a young human boy and no longer wants to return to Monster Land. Will Papa ever get his family back home?

Status: Released
Release date: 1999-01-01
Run time: 18 minute / 0:18
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Production Company : Production I.G
Production Country: Japan


Ai Orikasa
as Mama-san (voice)
Kenji Utsumi
as Papa (voice)
Kumiko Watanabe
as Ko (voice)
Mika Kanai
as Sue (voice)
Wataru Takagi
as Tonakai (voice)
Yasunori Matsumoto
as Vampire Hunter (voice)
Hiromasa Ogura Art Direction

Visual Effects
Tokumitsu Kifune 3D Director

Miki Sakuma Digital Supervisor

Masaaki Yuasa Director

Masaaki Yuasa Storyboard

Kow Otani Music

Shinji Takagi Digital Supervisor

Visual Effects
Nobuko Mizuta Color Designer
Suzuka Yoshida Character Designer
Kayoko Nabeta Character Designer

Masatoshi Nishizawa Producer

Makiko Asano Editor

Visual Effects
Makiko Asano 2D Artist
Tsukasa Kakizakai 2D Artist

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