Arei's Mirror ~ Way to Virgin Space

Categories: Animation, Adventure, Science Fiction
Meguru and Mayu are two future-wanderers hoping to find the mythical Mirror of Arei that is said to allow all who glimpse it to pass beyond the edge if the universe. Highjacked by renegade android Zero, the trio joins forces when they realise that they are all searching for the same thing.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1985-03-16
Run time: 22 minute / 0:22
Director: Kouzou Morishita
Writer: Michiru Umadori
Production Company : Toei Animation
Production Country: Japan



Keiko Toda
as Meguru Daichi (voice)
Ichiryuusai Harumi
as Mayu (voice)
Hideyuki Tanaka
as Zero (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru
as Rinne (voice)
Reiko Mutô
as Soi (voice)
Leiji Matsumoto Original Story

Kouzou Morishita Director

Visual Effects
Kazuo Komatsubara Animation Director
Kazuo Komatsubara Character Designer

Michiru Umadori Screenplay

Yuri Nishimura Music
Satoko Shimonari Theme Song Performance

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