A train on the Buenos Aires subway system suddenly vanishes.

Category: Science Fiction
Deep within Buenos Aires's labyrinthine subway system, a train mysteriously disappears along with its 30 passengers. The subway officials are greatly troubled and call in topographer Daniel Pratt to help them find it. Unfortunately, the tunnels are so vast and complex, that Pratt needs his mentor Hugo Mistein to help him. Unfortunately, he too has vanished.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1996-10-17
Run time: 88 minute / 1:28
Director: Gustavo Mosquera R.
Production Country: Argentina



Guillermo Angelelli
as Daniel Pratt
Roberto Carnaghi
as Marcos Biasi
Annabella Levy
as Abril
Jorge Petraglia
as Mistein
Miguel Ángel Paludi
as Aguirre
Fernando Llosa
as Nazar
Martín Adjemián
as Canotti
Daniel Di Biase
as Kenn
Jean Pierre Reguerraz
as Deckes
Martín Pavlovsky
as Conductor 101
Felipe Méndez
as Jefe de Trasbordos
Fernando Cia
as Figas
Osvaldo Santoro
as Vega
Horacio Roca
as Edmundo
Nora Zinsky
as Profesora
Sammy Lerner
as Viejito del archivo
Rodolfo Franghi
as Mussio
John Bolster
as Ascensorista
Jorge Noya
as Chofer Unimog
Javier García
as Ayudante de Vega
Aldo Niebur
as Bandoneonista
Ricardo Merkin
as Maioni
Alejandro Brodersohn Editor

Verónica Cura Producer

Emiliano Torres Assistant Art Director
Natalia Urruty Assistant Art Director

Abel Peñalba Director of Photography
Federico Rivarés Camera Operator

Rodrigo Moscoso Art Direction

Mariano Nuñez West Original Music Composer
Martín Grignaschi Sound Engineer

María Eugenia Sueiro Production Office Assistant
Frederico Ostrovsky Scenic Artist

Pablo Giorgelli Editor

Gustavo Mosquera R. Director

Karina Necol Casting © 2021

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