The Russian Question

Category: Drama
The film is based on the play by K. Simonov. It is the story of an American journalist who spends time in Russia and sees socialism in action. Upon his return to the U.S., a prestigious editor asks him to write a book about his experience. He receives a handsome advance for the project and he and his fiancée are able to buy a house, a car, and other symbols of the American dream. But the editor’s generosity comes with a caveat: the book must present a negative picture of Soviet society. Will he simply keep the money and do what is expected of him, or will he instead tell the truth?

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1948-03-08
Run time: 91 minute / 1:31
Director: Mikhail Romm
Production Company : Mosfilm
Production Countries: Russia, Soviet Union


Vsevolod Aksyonov
as Smith
Yelena Kuzmina
as Jessie
Mikhail Astangov
as MacPherson
Mikhail Nazvanov
as Gould
Boris Tenin
as Murphy
Mariya Barabanova
as Meg
Aram Khachaturyan Original Music Composer

Boris Volchek Director of Photography

Mikhail Romm Director

Mikhail Romm Writer

Yeva Ladyzhenskaya Editor

Semyon Mandel Production Design © 2020

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