Politics ... and Beyond

Categories: Drama, Thriller
It is the story of a fiercely fought election campaign, where money power and corruption are the accepted norms, and where treachery and manipulation are routinely used weapons. As the personal drama of these conflict-ridden characters unfolds against this gritty backdrop, love and friendship become mere baits, and relationships get sacrificed at the altar of political alignments. The darkness that rises from their souls threatens to envelope all that they hold precious. Until eventually, in the crescendo of increasing violence, the line between good and evil blurs, making it impossible to distinguish heroes from villains. Raajneeti is the story of Indian democracy. And its ugly underside. It is about politics. And beyond.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-06-04
Run time: 167 minute / 2:47
Director: Prakash Jha
Website: http://www.raajneeti.net/
Production Company : UTV Motion Pictures
Production Country: India



Ajay Devgn
as Sooraj Kumar
Ranbir Kapoor
as Samar Pratap
Manoj Bajpayee
as Veerendra 'Veeru' B. Pratap
Katrina Kaif
as Indu R. Sakseria / Indu P. Pratap
Arjun Rampal
as Prithviraj 'Prithvi' C. Pratap
Nana Patekar
as Brij Gopal
Naseeruddin Shah
as Bhaskar Sanyal
Sarah Thompson
as Sarah
Prakash Jha Director

Prakash Jha Writer

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