Serendipity The Pink Dragon

Serendipity The Pink Dinosaur

This is a tender tale of the delightful inhabitants of Paradise Island, a beautiful island in the South Pacific. Here lives out Heroine , a warm-hearted , peace-loving dragon with large gentle eyes... Her name is "Serendipity". Always tender and elegant she guards the sea around the island with Jeffries d Bobby a young boy who has been stranded.

Status: Released
Release date: 1989-03-09
Run time: 90 minute / 1:30
Directors: Jim Terry, Yoshuikuni Nishi, Toyo Ebishima.


Mari Okamoto
as Serendipity
Michiko Nomura
as Kōna
Yûji Mitsuya
as Pira Pira the Bird of Paradise
Noriko Tsukase
as Akanatsu the Fruit Spirit
Jim Terry Director

Collins Walker Editor

Visual Effects
Nobuo Onuki Animation

Yoshuikuni Nishi Director
Toyo Ebishima Director © 2020

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