Categories: Thriller, Drama
Igor, a Russian oligarch gets into a heated argument with Eva, his estranged daughter whilst traveling on his private jet. Igor orders the plane to land. As the plane touches down Eva disappears into the Goan jungle. Thus begins Igor's desperate search for his only daughter. A search that will bring him and Eva into contact with various characters who in turn are trying to find their own paths through life. Makar, a guy from Novosibirsk, who is desperately searching for enlightenment. Alexey and Kristina are ending their marriage here, while Dimon and Lenya are raising hell and pushing Goa to its partying limits. Kosmos the Guru ("just don't call him that") dispenses the chemicals that in a bat of an eyelid will take you to an alternate reality. There are different destinies here. There are a myriad of people. But all of them have one Motherland, which is easy not to love as long it is close to you

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2015-10-15
Run time: 110 minute / 1:50
Director: Pyotr Buslov
Production Companies : CTB Film Company, Actober Films
Production Country: Russia


Sergey Selyanov Producer

Pyotr Buslov Director

Sergey Yahontov Producer

Andrey Migachev Writer
Alexey Shipenko Writer

Fedor Lyass Director of Photography

Margarita Ablaeva Production Design
Amit Lad Art Direction

Stuart Sutherland Co-Producer
Alexander Medvedko Line Producer
Grigory Stoyalov Production Manager © 2020

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