Blade of the Phantom Master

Categories: Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Amidest a maelstrom of death, the ronin Mensu clashes with wasteland cannibal nomads from beneath the desert sands. Together with his Sando-a beautiful but deadly human weapon-Mensu saves thousands from the evil dictator that destroyed his master. In the end, he battles legions of the damned in a magical underworld unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2004-11-26
Run time: 87 minute / 1:27
Director: Jôji Shimura
Writers: Mitsuru Hongo, Jôji Shimura.
Production Country: South Korea


Keiji Fujiwara
as Munsu
Jun Fukushima
as Jyun
Noriko Hidaka
as Ou
Daisuke Kishio
as Monryo
Sanae Kobayashi
as Sando
Mitsuru Miyamoto
as Yuite
Ryusei Nakao
as Byon
Romi Park
as Mari
Mitsuru Hongo Screenplay
Jôji Shimura Screenplay

Jôji Shimura Director © 2020

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