Justice is Blind: The Moving Tale of a Vision-Impaired Lawyer

Based on the writings of a true life, vision-impaired lawyer comes a story about a blind man who manages to pass the extremely difficult bar exam and earn his lawyer’s license. Long desiring to help the weak, Kensuke Okochi gets a job at an attorney’s office while he and his wife, also blind, look forward to their first child. When a plaintiff in a divorce case decides to withdraw from litigation, Kensuke worries at first that it has to do with his own perceived inadequacies as a lawyer, but a few days later, he is visited by the female plaintiff, Satomi, showing injuries to her body. While it appears an open and shut case of domestic violence with an audio recording as proof, Kensuke detects a “certain scent” coming from the plaintiff which gives him pause as to her real intentions.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2014-12-01
Run time: 120 minute / 2:0
Director: Kôsuke Suzuki
Writer: Masaya Ozaki
Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/getsugol/20141201/
Production Companies : Telepack, TBS
Production Country: Japan


Tori Matsuzaka
as Kensuke Okochi
Nao Minamisawa
as Natsumi Okochi
Mari Hoshino
as Satomi Ando
Taiga Nakano
as Masaki Yamanishi
Jiro Sato
as Isao Yamaoka
Hidekazu Mashima
as Kazuya Ando
Kei Yamamoto
as Kenji Minagawa
Shigeru Izumiya
as Toyoshige Shimura
Keiko Toda
as Michiyo Tanabe
Satoshi Jinbo
as Okada
Masaya Ozaki Screenplay

Jun Kurosawa Producer

Kôsuke Suzuki Director

Hiroaki Itabe Editor

Makoto Oogoda Original Story

Yuya Sasaki Lighting Technician

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