All American Bully

No one is innocent.

Category: Thriller
Cyberspace is the new school playground when it comes to bullying. Children and teens of all ages use social networking sites to blast their peers, reveal dirty secrets, and taunt those around them, often destroying lives in the process. This is a story of two close young friends who have a falling out, and internet bullying ensues, evolving into physical violence. Questions arise about what is the real truth, and who actually are the victims. As it turns out, no one is as innocent as they appear. Can you handle the real answers?

Status: Released
Release date: 2015-06-23
Run time: 90 minute / 1:30
Director: Jason Hawkins
Production Company : Gravestone Entertainment
Production Country: United States of America


Adrienne King
as Principal Kane
Daren Ackerman
as John Brooks
Alexander Fraser
as Devon Manning
Dara Davey
as Shelly Mulgrove
Patrick Ford
as Mr. Taylor
Darren Hicks
as Garrett Jiles
Bob Olin
as Mike Manning
Brian Walker
as Kyle Dunn
Lissie Lewis
as Lisa
Chuck Elam
as Bull
Aaron Gregory Austin
as Jake
Hollie Olson
as Carol Brooks
Shania Sierra
as Student
Jason Hawkins Director

Jason Hawkins Writer

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