Pioneer Heroes

Category: Drama
Olga, Katya, and Andrey have known each other since childhood. They moved to Moscow many years ago and have become successful. Olga is an actress, Katya works for a large-scale PR agency, and Andrey is a political analyst. They buy cars, take mortgages, build country houses. Just like everybody else. But their lives bring them neither happiness nor content. The feeling of "something's not right but I can't put my finger on it" underpins the lives of today's thirty-year-olds. Their childhood took place during the Soviet era, when kids dreamed of becoming heroes, believed in spy stories and a bright future. Yet nobody expected that the dream of becoming a hero would be replaced by the dream of stable and predictable existence. People have stopped dreaming of truly grand things. They just play their roles.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2015-06-18
Run time: 116 minute / 1:56
Budget: $500,000
Director: Natalya Kudryashova
Production Companies : CTB Film Company, Masterskaya Seance
Production Country: Russia


Natalya Kudryashova
as Olga
Dariya Moroz
as Katya
Aleksey Mitin
as Andrey
Yuriy Kuznetsov
Alesya Guzko
as Angel
Artyom Bystrov
as office worker
Alexandr Userdin
as psychoanalyst
Natalya Kudryashova Director

Natalya Kudryashova Writer

Natalya Drozd Associate Producer
Andrey Rydanov Executive Producer

Asya Davydova Production Design

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