Breaking the Bank

You can bank with him... you just can't bank on him

Category: Comedy
With ruthless US and Japanese investment banks circling Tuftons, a struggling two-hundred-year-old, family-run British bank, can its bumbling, incompetent chairman, Sir Charles Bunbury, fend off the onslaught and save the bank?

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2016-06-03
Director: Vadim Jean
Writer: Roger Devlin
Production Company : Black Hangar Studios
Production Country: United Kingdom



Kelsey Grammer
as Charles
Tamsin Greig
as Penelope
John Michael Higgins
as Richard Grinding
Mathew Horne
as Nick
Sonya Cassidy
as Annabel
Togo Igawa
as Nakamura
Andrew Sachs
as Jenkins
Richard Cordery
as Bournville
Joelle Koissi
as City Trader
Doon Mackichan
as Caroline
Julie Dray
as Sophie
Dilyana Bouklieva
as Business woman
Lee Nicholas Harris
as Banker
Pearce Quigley
as Oscar
Mariola Jaworska
as Investment Banker
Vic Waghorn
as Investment Banker
Glenn Webster
as Banker
Matt Townsend
as Garden Party Guest
Susan Fordham
as Banker's party guest
Jill Buchanan
as City Bankers Wife & Party Guest
Atul Sharma
as Banker
Miroslav Zaruba
as Party Guest
Emma Louise Williams
as Businesswoman
Joanne Manchester
as City Bankers Wife / Party Guest
Lara Heller
as Stephanie Agincourt
Michael Chapman
as Stock market trader
Richard Banks
as Banker
Gabriel Freilich
as Twig
Danny Morgan
as Graham Sneddon
Paul Kerry
as Business Man
Roy Thorn
as Business Man
Tatiana Zarubova
as Party guest
Faith Tarby
as Party guest
Gino Picciano
as Guest
Paul Blackwell
as Banker
Nick Thomas-Webster
as Heckling Banker
Pamela Betsy Cooper
as Banker brunch meeting
Jonathan Rhodes
as Dale
Michael Haydon
as Career Advisor
Stephen McDade
as Workman
Nicholas Tennant
as PC Houseman
Mark Margason
as Pianist
Gerald Tomkinson
as Supporting Artist
Raj Awasti
as Investment Banker
Edith Bukovics
as Sharon
Ray Burnet
as Concierge
Pete Meads
as Business Banker
Anthony Farrelly
as Banker / Charles family friend
Kumud Pant
as Investment Banker
Emmanuel Akwafo
as Tourist
David Broughton-Davies
as Garden Party Guest
Andrew French
as Sonny Ogbo
Jonathan Hansler
as Toastmaster
Jon Wennington
as Banker brunch meeting
Tom Dab
as Banker's Party Guest / City Banker (uncredited)
Vadim Jean Director

Vadim Jean Writer

Jake Seal Producer

Roger Devlin Screenplay
Stephen Keyworth Writer
James McIlwraith Writer
Tom Swanston Writer © 2020

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