Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Worlds Collide

Categories: Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Accident prone teenager, Percy discovers he's actually a demi-God, the son of Poseidon, and he is needed when Zeus' lightning is stolen. Percy must master his new found skills in order to prevent a war between the Gods that could devastate the entire world.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-02-01
Run time: 119 minute / 1:59
Budget: $95,000,000
Revenue: $226,497,209
Director: Chris Columbus
Writer: Craig Titley
Production Companies : 1492 Pictures, Sunswept Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Fox 2000 Pictures, 20th Century Fox
Production Country: United States of America


Logan Lerman
as Percy Jackson
Brandon T. Jackson
as Grover Underwood
Alexandra Daddario
as Annabeth Chase
Jake Abel
as Luke Castellan
Sean Bean
as Zeus
Pierce Brosnan
as Mr. Brunner / Chiron
Steve Coogan
as Hades
Rosario Dawson
as Persephone
Melina Kanakaredes
as Athena
Catherine Keener
as Sally Jackson
Kevin McKidd
as Poseidon
Joe Pantoliano
as Gabe Ugliano
Uma Thurman
as Medusa
Julian Richings
as Ferryman
Annie Ilonzeh
as Aphrodite Girl
Alexis Knapp
as Aphrodite Girl
Natassia Malthe
as Lotus Land Waitress
Erica Cerra
as Hera
Marie Avgeropoulos
as Aphrodite Girl
Maria Olsen
as Mrs. Dodds / Fury
Hector David Jr.
as Lotus Land Dancer
Bonita Friedericy
as Hysterical Woman
Elisa King
as Aphrodite Girl
Tania Saulnier
as Aphrodite Girl
Christie Laing
as Aphrodite Girl
Luisa D'Oliveira
as Aphrodite Girl
Crystal Tisiga
as Aphrodite Girl
Marielle Jaffe
as Aphrodite Girl
Daniela Dib
as Lotus Land Dancer
Charlie Gallant
as Lotus Land Bellhop
Chelan Simmons
as Lotus Land Waitress
Andrea Brooks
as Lotus Land Waitress
Jocelyn Ott
as Lotus Land Waitress
Max Van Ville
as Seventies Kid - Casino
Serinda Swan
as Aphrodite
Dimitri Lekkos
as Apollo
Ona Grauer
as Artemis
Stefanie von Pfetten
as Demeter
Conrad Coates
as Hephaestus
Dylan Neal
as Hermes
Luke Camilleri
as Dionysus
Holly Hougham
as Grover Girl
Yusleidis Oquendo
as Grover Girl
Ina Geraldine Guy
as Grover Girl
Janine Edwards
as Grover Girl
Raquel Riskin
as Grover Girl
Valerie Tian
as Cute Girl
Violet Columbus
as Nymph Warrior
Sarah Smyth
as Pretty Girl #1
Merritt Patterson
as Pretty Girl #2
Julie Luck
as WGHP News Anchor - Video
Andrea Day
as Field News Reporter
Maya Washington
as Percy's Classmate
John Stewart
as Poker Buddy
Matthew Garlick
as Poker Buddy
Dee Jay Jackson
as Poker Buddy
Stan Carp
as Old Fisherman
Suzanne Ristic
as Maid at Motel
Richard Harmon
as Smart Ass Kid
Robin LeMon
as Museum Tour Guide
Doyle Devereux
as Museum Employee
Tom Pickett
as Parthenon Janitor
Keith Dallas
as Parthenon Janitor
V.J. Delos-Reyes
as Parthenon Janitor
Spencer Atkinson
as Parthenon Janitor
Tim Aas
as Parthenon Janitor
Zane Holtz
as 50's Tough
Eli Zagoudakis
as Son of Ares
Loyd Bateman
as Son of Ares
Matt Reimer
as Son of Ares
Shawn Beaton
as Son of Ares
Rob Hayter
as Son of Ares
Jarod Joseph
as College Buddy
Paul Cummings
as College Buddy
Reilly Dolman
as College Buddy
Julie Brar
as Cute Girlfriend
Dejan Loyola
as Boyfriend
Mario Casoria
as Cook
Dorla Bell
as Waitress
Carolyn Adair
as Waitress with Cleaver
Jade Pawluk
as Screaming Diner
G. Patrick Currie
as Stuffy Croupier
Mariela Zapata
as Warrior
Jaime M. Callica
as Lotus Land Dancer
Sarah Francis
as Lotus Land Dancer
Eddie Garcia
as Lotus Land Dancer
Kenny Mugisha
as Lotus Land Dancer
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Lotus Land Dancer
Izaak Smith
as Lotus Land Dancer
Morgan Tanner
as Lotus Land Dancer
Teya Wild
as Lotus Land Dancer
Chris Columbus Director

Rick Riordan Novel
Craig Titley Screenplay

Anthony Di Ninno Layout

Earl A. Hibbert Visual Effects Editor
J.J. Makaro Stunts

Stephen Goldblatt Director of Photography

Peter Honess Editor

Howard Cummings Production Design

Costume & Make-Up
Renée April Costume Design

Christophe Beck Original Music Composer

Jessica Clothier Script Supervisor

Peter Lando Set Decoration
Sandi Tanaka Supervising Art Director
Ross Dempster Art Direction
Dan Hermansen Art Direction
Aaron Sims Art Direction
James Steuart Art Direction
Greg Venturi Art Direction
Jaydene Maryk Art Department Coordinator

Doane Gregory Still Photographer

Lars P. Winther First Assistant Director
Misha Bukowski Second Assistant Director

Jeffrey Harlacker Post Production Supervisor

Costume & Make-Up
Sherry Linder-Gygli Hair Department Head
Victoria Down Makeup Department Head

Karen Swallow Associate Producer
Michael Barnathan Producer
Chris Columbus Producer
Mark Radcliffe Producer
Karen Rosenfelt Producer
Greg Mooradian Executive Producer
Thomas M. Hammel Executive Producer
Guy Oseary Executive Producer
Mark Morgan Executive Producer

Colin J. Campbell Gaffer
Jarrod Tiffin Rigging Gaffer

Jane Jenkins Casting
Janet Hirshenson Casting
Coreen Mayrs Casting
Heike Brandstatter Casting

Rob Young Sound Mixer
Rick Kline Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Rizzo Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Randy Thom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Robert Shoup Supervising Sound Editor
Will Files Sound Designer

Maja Aro Stunts
Joanne Leach Stunts

Visual Effects
Kevin Scott Mack Visual Effects Supervisor

Nesta Chapman Stunts

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