Beauty and the Beast

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Categories: Fantasy, Romance
A live-action adaptation of Disney's version of the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2017-03-16
Run time: 129 minute / 2:9
Budget: $160,000,000
Revenue: $1,048,233,200
Director: Bill Condon
Writer: Stephen Chbosky
Production Companies : Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films
Production Countries: United Kingdom, United States of America


Emma Watson
as Belle
Dan Stevens
as Prince Adam / Beast
Luke Evans
as Gaston
Kevin Kline
as Maurice
Josh Gad
as LeFou
Ewan McGregor
as Lumiere
Stanley Tucci
as Cadenza
Audra McDonald
as Wardrobe
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
as Plumette
Ian McKellen
as Cogsworth
Emma Thompson
as Mrs. Potts
Daisy Duczmal
as Baby Belle
Adam Mitchell
as Young Prince
Jolyon Coy
as Young Maurice
Nathan Mack
as Chip
Hattie Morahan
as Agathe
Rita Davies
as Enchantress Beggar Woman
Adrian Schiller
as Monsieur D'Arque
Gerard Horan
as Monsieur Jean Potts
Haydn Gwynne
as Clothilde
Ray Fearon
as Pere Robert
Sophie Reid
as Village Lass
Rafaëlle Cohen
as Village Lass
Carla Nella
as Village Lass
Zoe Rainey
as Belle's Mother
Clive Rowe
as Cuisinier
Thomas Padden
as Chapeau
Henry Garrett
as The King
Harriet Jones
as The Queen
Rudi Goodman
as Young Prince
Sonoya Mizuno
as Debutante
Nicole O'Neill
as Debutante
Charlotte Worwood
as Villager (uncredited)
Dan Trotter
as Villager (uncredited)
Clem So
as Debutante's Parent (uncredited)
Johanna Smitz
as Village Woman (uncredited)
Rossana Silva
as Village Woman / Barmaid (uncredited)
Teresa Shaughnessy
as Debutantes Mother (uncredited)
Kemi Rodrigues
as Debutante (uncredited)
Marlonde Pierre
as Village Man / Cage Seller / Lavender Seller (uncredited)
Lindy Pieri
as Village Woman (uncredited)
Erica Melargo
as Flower Girl / Debutante (uncredited)
Tyrone Love
as Village Gent (uncredited)
Alona Leoine
as Market Shopper (uncredited)
Marat Khairoullin
as Villager (uncredited)
Isobel Hamilton
as Fishmonger / Villagewoman (uncredited)
Alex Gillison
as Villager (uncredited)
Luke Fictitious
as Singing Villager (uncredited)
Karl Farrer
as Villager (uncredited)
Paul De La Rosa
as Detective (uncredited)
Crystal Compton
as Village Woman / Barmaid (uncredited)
Chloe Collingwood
as Village Lass (uncredited)
Jeremy Cave
as Baker's Boy (uncredited)
Richard Banks
as Silversmith (uncredited)
Harry Marcus
as School Boy
Oscar Francisco
as School Boy
Kai Gordon
as School Boy
Tom Burgering
as School Boy
Joey Brown
as School Boy
Freddie Hunter
as School Boy
Daniel Daszek-Green
as School Boy
Samuel Brown
as School Boy
Max Brophy
as School Boy
Lara Decaro
as Little Girl
Gemma Fray
as Little Girl
Adelaide Morgan
as Little Girl​
Timia Julien-Box
as Little Girl
Skye Lucia Degruttola
as Washer Girl (as Skye Degruttola)
Leah West
as Debutante
Naomi Weijand
as Debutante
Jasmine Takacs
as Debutante
Ruth Steele
as Debutante
Lucy St Louis
as Debutante
Katie Singh
as Debutante
Kayla Radam
as Debutante
Courtney Pruce
as Debutante
Jazz Peters
as Debutante
Abiona Omonua
as Debutante
Nicola Mooi
as Debutante
Anna Momcilovic
as Debutante
Samira Mighty
as Debutante
Fiona McDonald
as Debutante
Cassie Macmillian
as Debutante
Emily Loumba
as Debutante
Jennifer Leung
as Debutante
Ella Kora
as Debutante
Hannah Kenna-Thomas
as Debutante
Billie Kay-Piper
as Debutante
Shireen Jathoonia
as Debutante
Blythe Jandoo
as Debutante
Chelsea Inez
as Debutante
Abigayle Honeywill
as Debutante
Leah Hill
as Debutante
Selina Hamilton
as Debutante
Helen Gulstan
as Debutante
Lucy Alexa Gilbert
as Debutante (as Lucy Gilbert)
Lily Frazer
as Debutante
Cj Field
as Debutante
Cordelia Farnworth
as Debutante
Stephanie Elstob
as Debutante
Paige Drury-Lawrence
as Debutante
Natalie Davis
as Debutante
Tanya Cumberland
as Debutante
Cassie Clare
as Debutante
Sophie Carmen-Jones
as Debutante
Sophia Brown
as Debutante
Ava Brennan
as Debutante
Daisy Boyles
as Debutante
Holly Bluett
as Debutante
Koko Basigara
as Debutante
Sophie Atkins
as Debutante
Gabby Antrobus
as Debutante
Rhianne Alleyn
as Debutante
Hayley Ainsley
as Debutante
Danielle Acors
as Debutante
Marina Abdeen
as Debutante
Ben Clare
as Male Villager
Tim Stanley
as Male Villager
Nathan Vaughan Harris
as Male Villager (as Nathan Vaighan-Harris)
Jody Hall
as Male Villager
Rebecca Mckinnis
as Female Villager
Dawn Buckland
as Female Villager
Ellen O'Grady
as Female Villager
Alison Jenkins
as Female Villager / Celebration Woman
Ebony Molina
as Female Villager / Celebration Woman
Nicola Keen
as Female Villager / Celebration Woman
Freddie August
as Fiddler
Phil Grannel
as Fiddler
Jak Allen-Anderson
as Apothecary's Patient
William Bozier
as Stable Boy
Tom Oakley
as Fishmonger
Mandy Montanez
as Bread Buyer
Beth Willetts
as Jam Seller
Simone Sault
as Wood Carrier
Vivien Parry
as Village Lass's Mother
Jacqui Jameson
as Cheese Maker
Sharon Gomez
as Cheese Maker (as Sharon Gomez-Jones)
Steven Butler
as Cheese Maker
Leo Andrew
as Apothecary
Norma Atallah
as Washer Woman
Wendy Baldock
as Washer Woman
Peter Challis
as Butcher
Daniel Ioannou
as Barber
Dale Branston
as Baker
Sandy Strallen
as Cobbler
Jemma Alexander
as Housewife
Chris Andrew Mellon
as Nasty Headmaster
Alison Harding
as Head Washer (as Allison Harding)
Jane Fowler
as Pretty Female Fishmonger
Lynne Wilmot
as Barmaid
Obioma Ugoala
as Flirtatious Farmer
Alexis Loizon
as Stanley
Dean Street
as Dick
Jimmy Johnston
as Tom
Michael Jibson
as Tavern Keeper
Tom Turner
as King (as Henry Garrett)
D.J. Bailey
as Vagrant
as Froufrou
Bill Condon Director

Stephen Chbosky Screenplay
Evan Spiliotopoulos Screenstory

Alan Menken Music

Virginia Katz Editor

Sarah Greenwood Production Design

David Hoberman Producer
Todd Lieberman Producer
Lucy Bevan Casting

James Foster Art Direction
Nick Gottschalk Art Direction
Elaine Kusmishko Art Direction
Mike Stallion Art Direction
Mark Swain Art Direction
Ashley Winter Art Direction
Heather Noble Art Department Coordinator

Dennis Wiseman Property Master

Malcolm Roberts Construction Coordinator
Katie Spencer Set Decoration

Costume & Make-Up
Jacqueline Durran Costume Design

Ruth Key Casting Associate

Kim Armitage Script Supervisor

Jon Baker Armorer
Charles Bodycomb Armorer

Cathy Doubleday Script Supervisor

Ben Rothwell Armory Coordinator
Nichola Treherne Associate Choreographer
Anthony Van Laast Choreographer

Robin Morrison Music Editor

Costume & Make-Up
Andrea Cripps Assistant Costume Designer
Sinéad O'Sullivan Assistant Costume Designer
Clare Spragge Costume Supervisor
Geo Pavlov Costume Illustrator
Caroline Fallon Costume Coordinator
Steve O'Sullivan Key Costumer
Chloe Reynolds Set Costumer
Sekou Traore Set Costumer

Stefan Stankowski Camera Operator
Marc Covington Camera Operator
Karina Silva Camera Operator
Jonathan 'Chunky' Richmond Camera Operator
Mike Bulley Camera Operator
Lorenzo Senatore Steadicam Operator

Lee Walters Gaffer
Avelino Fernandez Gaffer
Steve Kitchen Rigging Gaffer

Laurie Sparham Still Photographer
Dino Parks Second Unit Director of Photography

Visual Effects
Spencer Cook Animation Supervisor
Ian Blum Animation Supervisor
Dale Newton Animation Supervisor
Jeremy Hollobon Animation Director
Bruno Nicko Animation Director
Alessandro Ciucci Lead Animator
Liz Bernard Lead Animator
Chris Hurtt Lead Animator
Christopher Mullins Lead Animator

Alan Woods CG Supervisor
Alexandre Millet CG Supervisor
Julian Hutchens CG Supervisor
Ivan Andres Guerrero CG Supervisor

Visual Effects
Barnes Wheeler VFX Editor
Graham Martin VFX Production Coordinator
Denise O'Neill VFX Production Coordinator
Richard R. Hoover VFX Supervisor

Danny Singh Visual Effects Editor
Angelica O'Brien Visual Effects Editor

Visual Effects
Sabrina Gagnon Visual Effects Producer
Gayle Munro Visual Effects Producer
Thomas Nittmann Visual Effects Producer
David Derwin Visual Effects Producer
Kyle McCulloch Visual Effects Supervisor
Kelly Port Visual Effects Supervisor
Glen Pratt Visual Effects Supervisor
David Piombino Visual Effects Supervisor

Martin Jago Animatronics Designer
Rick Marr Animatronics Designer

Costume & Make-Up
Marc Pilcher Key Hair Stylist
Sarah Kelly Makeup Artist
Hannah Edwards Makeup Artist
Ray Marston Wigmaker
Alex Rouse Wigmaker

Sarah Ginn Draughtsman
Richard Hardy Draughtsman
Bethan Jones Draughtsman
Quinn Robinson Draughtsman
Ketan Waikar Draughtsman
Catherine Whiting Draughtsman

Visual Effects
Annabelle Chevrier Modeling
Patrick Comtois Modeling
Chris Cook Modeling
Marc Joubert-Nederveen Modeling
Niels Peter Kaagaard Modeling

Kevin Fraser Key Grip
Tobias A. Schliessler Director of Photography

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