The Fugitive Samurai

Betrayed, Disgraced- And Thristing For Vengeance!

Categories: Action, Adventure
Itto Ogami- High Executioner to the Shogun- has been betrayed by his political enemies and sentenced to a dishonorable death. Seeking to restore the honor of his name, Ogami- The Wolf- must flee the Shogun's grasp and live long enough to prove his innocence. Taking only his sword and his son, Ogami embarks on a bloody journey of righteousness and revenge as he seeks to destroy those who would disgrace his family's name. Hunted mercilessly by the Shogun's troops, by his enemies, and by those who seek the reward put on his head, Ogami must fight his way through feudal Japan, challenging and defeating all who stand in the way of his quest for honor. Can Ogami- a true Samurai Warrior- endure the ceaseless violence which surrounds him?

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1984-01-01
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Directors: Akinori Matsuo, Minoru Matsushima.
Production Country: Japan


Kazuo Koike Writer
Takeo Kunihiro Writer

Takeo Watanabe Original Music Composer

Shigeru Umetani Producer

Akinori Matsuo Director
Minoru Matsushima Director

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