Knights of Ramune

Categories: Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy
Somewhere in one of those galaxies far, far away, Holy Virgins Cacao and Parfait must find the prophesied Champion of the Galaxy to prevent the destruction of the universe. Unfortunately, the Champion turns out to be a power-obsessed tyrant! With the help of a plucky orphan, a giant robot and their Holy Magic, the two heroines fight to save the galaxy from its greatest hero.

Status: Released
Release date: 1997-05-21
Run time: 28 minute / 0:28
Director: Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Production Companies : Starchild Records, Ashi Productions
Production Country: Japan


Akiko Yajima
as Lemon
Satomi Kourogi
as PQ
Yuko Miyamura
as Parfait
Jūrōta Kosugi
as Don Vodka
Mika Kanai
as Liquor
Naoko Takano
as Sue
Takeshi Kusao
as Ramunes IV
Tomoko Kawakami
as Coo
Yuka Imai
as Electone
Yuka Imai
as Drum
Yuri Amano
as Cacao's mother
Urara Takano
as Cocktail (voice)
Kyoko Hikami
as Cacao
Maya Okamoto
as Tequila (voice)
Osamu Honda Art Direction

Kazuhiro Konishi Director of Photography

Toshihiko Satou Executive Producer

Osamu Horiuchi Characters

Visual Effects
Osamu Horiuchi Animation Director

Yoshitaka Fujimoto Director

Hiroshi Imaizumi Music

Katsumi Hasegawa Script

Jun Takuma Editor

Tanaka Hideyuki Sound Director

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