The Lost Son

Categories: Mystery, Thriller
Xavier Lombard is a world-weary private eye in London, in exile from his native Paris; his best friend is Nathalie, a high-class call girl. He gets a call from an old friend from the Paris police department, now a businessman whose brother-in-law is missing. The missing man's parents hire Xavier over their daughter's objections, and quickly he finds himself in the realm of children's sexual slavery.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1999-06-25
Run time: 102 minute / 1:42
Director: Chris Menges
Production Countries: France, United Kingdom, United States of America



Daniel Auteuil
as Xavier Lombard
Nastassja Kinski
as Deborah Spitz
Katrin Cartlidge
as Emily
Marianne Denicourt
as Nathalie
Ciarán Hinds
as Carlos
Billie Whitelaw
as Mrs. Spitz
Cyril Shaps
as Mr. Spitz
Bruce Greenwood
as Friedman
Jamie Harris
as Hopper
Hemal Pandya
as Shiva
Billy Smyth
as Boy No 6
Cal Macaninch
as Martin
Mark Benton
as Giant
Michael Liebman
as Peter
Joe White
as Barman
Ray MacAllan
as Paul
Júlio Garcia
as Priest
Mehmet Ferda
as Pimp
Anneka Svenska
as Call Girl
Brenda Whitehead
as Airline Passenger
Christine Perez
as Nina
David Hayman
as Nathalie's Pimp
Natalie Rogers
as Lombard's Wife
Charlotte Carew-Gibbs
as Lombard's Daughter
Gregory McFarnon
as Leon
Marsha Fitzalan
as Mrs. Carlton
Will Welch
as Lover
Chris Menges Director

Barry Ackroyd Director of Photography

Eric Leclere Writer
Margaret Leclere Writer
Mark Mills Writer

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