Categories: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Jin-hyuk was brought up as the well-bred heir to a corporate fortune. He has got the looks, the money and the charm, but even so, true love is hard to find. Jin-hyuk opens up a cake shop and hires Sun-woo, a talented patissier who had a crush on Jin-hyuk back in high school. Together with Gi-beom, an ex-boxing champion and Su-young, a clueless bodyguard, four unique and handsome men stir up a quiet neighborhood when they show up at the cake shop, Antique.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2008-11-13
Run time: 109 minute / 1:49
Director: Min Kyu-dong
Writers: Lee Kyung-ui, Kim Da-young.
Production Companies : United Pictures, Zip Cinema, Opus Pictures, Showbox, Soo Film
Production Country: South Korea



Ju Ji-hoon
as Kim Jin-hyuk
Kim Jae-wook
as Min Sun-woo
Yoo Ah-in
as Yang Gi-beom
Choi Ji-ho
as Nam Su-young
Andy Gillet
as Jean-Baptiste Evan
Kim Chang-wan
as White beard
Lee Hwi-hyang
as White beard's wife
Oh Mi-hee
as Jin-hyuk's mother
Nam Myung-ryeol
as Mr Chun
Kwon Tae-won
as Chief Huh
Moon Hee-kyung
as Muffler
Park Jun-myun
as Fussy
Lee Joo-sil
as Jin-hyuk's grandmother
Park Hyuk-kwon
as Gay Club Man
Lee Eung-jae
as Taxi couple man
Seo Young-hee
as Jin-hyuk's Girlfriend 3
Kim Gyu-ri
as Jin-hyuk's Girlfriend 4
Jo Hee-Bong
as Boxer
Jeon Hye-jin
as Boxer's Girlfriend
Jo Soo-bin
as News anchor
Rie Young-zin
as Jin-hyuk's Girlfriend 2
Jo An
as Jin-hyuk's Girlfriend 1
Dalpalan Original Music Composer

Min Kyu-dong Director

Min Kyu-dong Writer
Lee Kyung-ui Screenplay

Lee Jae-hyeok Lighting Director

Min Jin-soo Executive Producer

Kim Da-young Screenplay

Jeon Gyeong-ran Production Design

Oh Sun-hee Producer
Kim Yeon-ho Line Producer

Nam Seong-ju Set Decoration

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