Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes

Categories: TV Movie, Drama, War, History
The movie follows the perspective of several characters (such as Japanese victims, soldiers, American prisoners of war and others) and how they lived or tried to survive the effects felt during the aftermath of the Atomic Bomb dropping by the Enola Gay at Hiroshima, during World War II.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1990-08-06
Run time: 100 minute / 1:40
Director: Peter Werner
Production Company : Robert Greenwald Productions
Production Country: United States of America


Max von Sydow
as Father Siemes
Judd Nelson
as Pete Dunham
as Sgt. Moritaki
Tamlyn Tomita
as Sally
Stan Egi
as Dr. Hara
Brady Tsurutani
as Yoshi
Sab Shimono
Shizuko Hoshi
as Nurse Yama
Ben Wright
as Tom Reese
Pat Morita
as Yoodo Toda
Kim Miyori
as Mrs. Ota
Elizabeth Sung
Rodney Kageyama
Ping Wu
Rand Takeuchi
as Masa
Nathan Nishiguchi
as Akira
John Fujioka
as Imachi
Lisa Lu
as Mrs. Sato
Lily Froehlich
as Mrs. Saeki
Natsuko Ohama
Peter Werner Director

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