Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Don't Let A Bro See It Alone

Categories: Horror, Comedy
In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico's frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother's murder at the hands of the serial killer known as "Motherface."

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2015-06-13
Run time: 101 minute / 1:41
Directors: Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, Jon Salmon.
Website: http://www.dudebropartymassacre3.com/
Production Companies : Snoot Entertainment, 5-Second Films
Production Country: United States of America



Alec Owen
as Brock/Brent
Patton Oswalt
as Chief
Paul Prado
as Turbeaux
Olivia Taylor Dudley
as Motherface
Nina Hartley
as Dean Pepperstone
Greg Sestero
as Derek
Ben Gigli
as Samzy
Joey Scoma
as Todd
Kelsey Gunn
as Samantha
Brian Firenzi
as Officer Sminkle
Maria Del Carmen
as Candace Buttiker
Mike James
as Z.Q.
Jimmy Wong
as Sizzler
Michael Rousselet
as Spike
Nick Kocher
as Flannel Bro
Brian McElhaney
as Turtleneck Bro
Andrew W.K.
as Rip Stick
Larry King
as Coach Handsey
Tomm Jacobsen
as Dolphman
Erik Sandoval
as Road Doggie
Chelsea St. John
as C-Trunk
Christiann Castellanos
as Lady #1
Skyler Rousselet
as Cindy
Maura Murphy
as Hot Chick
Logan Olson
as Manscaping Bro
Rocky Collins
as Party Bro
Jon Worley
as Scooter
Matt Hargreaves
as Asian Bro
Ian Ahern
as Drunk Bro
Laura Cebrick
as Tri Beta Streakers
Ela Darling
as Tri Beta Streakers
as Tri Beta Streakers
John Francis Daley
as Ernest
Suziey Block
as Tri Beta Streakers
Katie Johnson
as Becky
Jon Brence
as Jimmy Galoshes
Andrew Schulz
as Little Spoon
Desmond Dolly
as Timmy Birdstone
Benji Dolly
as Tommy Birdstone
Timothy Ciancio
as Tito the Weed Dealer
Katie Matthews
as Tri Beta Girl
Clayton LaDue
as Randall
Rachel Ann Mullins
as Frizzy
Jessee Foudray
as Chico Cop #1
Lily Cade
as Tri Beta Streaker
Dan O'Brien
as Driver
Katy Stoll
as Female Morning Show Anchor
Soren Bowie
as Male Morning Show Anchor
Daniel O'Brien
as Driver
Robert Daniel Sloan
as Pizza Child 1
Dartanian Sloan
as Child
Karalynn Dunton
as Snack Food Maiden
Brian Firenzi Writer
Alec Owen Writer

Tomm Jacobsen Director

Tomm Jacobsen Writer

Michael Rousselet Director

Michael Rousselet Writer

Jon Salmon Director

Jon Salmon Writer
Michael E. Peter Writer
Ben Gigli Writer
Timothy Ciancio Writer
Joey Scoma Writer
Mike James Writer

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