The Boob Tube Strikes Again!

It's wild & loony, new & groovy! A zany x-rated soap opera.

Category: Comedy
“A zany spoof all about a boy who finds out too late that his entire teenage years were just spent in a wasted fantasy – a crazy fantasy called Fanny! Cute, blonde, and oh so adorably sexy. But she's just a comic character – or is she?”

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1977-01-01
Run time: 87 minute / 1:27
Director: Lee Frost
Production Country: United States of America


Alan Spitz
as Seymour
Connie Marie
as Fanny
Marian Osher
as Zelda
Diane Sommerfield
as H.T. Washington
Angela Carnon
as Dr. Clitstone
Patrice Rohmer
as Sandy
Ken Scott
as Rabbi
Lee J. O'Donnell
as Quasi
Paula Mitchell
as Louise
Rene Bond
as Party Girl
Joyce Mandel
as Party Girl
Lee Frost Director © 2020

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