The Country Doctor

Category: Drama
A doctor has a rough time obtaining the money for his services in a lumber town until he delivers quintuplets.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1936-03-12
Run time: 95 minute / 1:35
Director: Henry King
Production Company : 20th Century Fox
Production Country: United States of America


Jean Hersholt
as Dr. John Luke
Yvonne Dionne
as Yvonne, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Annette Dionne
as Annette, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Cécile Dionne
as Cécile, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Émilie Dionne
as Émilie, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Marie Dionne
as Marie, a Wyatt Quintuplet
The Dionne Quintuplets
as The Wyatt Quintuplets
June Lang
as Mary MacKenzie
Slim Summerville
as Constable Jim Ogden
Michael Whalen
as Tony Luke
Dorothy Peterson
as Nurse Katherine Kennedy
Robert Barrat
as MacKenzie
Jane Darwell
as Mrs. Graham
John Qualen
as Asa Wyatt
Frank Reicher
as Dr. Paul Luke
Montagu Love
as Sir Basil Crawford
David Torrence
as Governor General
George Chandler
as Greasy
Helen Jerome Eddy
as Mrs. Ogden
Aileen Carlyle
as Mrs. Wyatt
George Meeker
as Dr. Wilson
J. Anthony Hughes
as Mike
William Benedict
as The Gawker
Stanley Blystone
as Logger (uncredited)
Sven Hugo Borg
as Logger (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley
as Clergyman (uncredited)
Richard Carlyle
as Bishop (uncredited)
Horace B. Carpenter
as Townsman (uncredited)
Mary Carr
as Woman with Baby Clothes (uncredited)
William Conlon
as Peg-leg Walter (uncredited)
Harry Cording
as Logger (uncredited)
Gino Corrado
as Logger (uncredited)
Sidney D'Albrook
as Townsman (uncredited)
John Dilson
as City Editor (uncredited)
James Dime
as Townsman (uncredited)
Margaret Fielding
as Sir Basil's Secretary (uncredited)
Jeanne Hart
as Girl (uncredited)
Harry Harvey
as Reporter (uncredited)
Payne B. Johnson
as Boy with Quintuplets (uncredited)
Tom Kennedy
as Logger (uncredited)
Claude King
as Toastmaster (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas
as Proprietor (uncredited)
Margaret Mann
as Townswoman (uncredited)
Tom McGuire
as Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Paul McVey
as Mark, a Logger (uncredited)
Edward McWade
as Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
as Waiter in Restaurant (uncredited)
Dillon Ober
as Piano Player (uncredited)
Garry Owen
as Jerry (uncredited)
Thomas Pogue
as Townsman (uncredited)
Patricia Reel
as Child (uncredited)
Kane Richmond
as Logger Paying Doctor (uncredited)
Florence Roberts
as Grandmother (uncredited)
Joe Sawyer
as Joe, the Logger Lifting Log (uncredited)
Phillips Smalley
as Man on Dais (uncredited)
Marvin Stephens
as Ham Radio Operator (uncredited)
Harry Strang
as Logger (uncredited)
Monte Vandergrift
as Townsman (uncredited)
Delmar Watson
as Oldest Wyatt Boy (uncredited)
Cecil Weston
as Mother of Dying Girl (uncredited)
Charles C. Wilson
as George the Boat Captain (uncredited)
Harry Wilson
as Married Logger (uncredited)
Henry King Director

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