Road Kill

Guns don't kill people. She does.

Categories: Comedy, Action, Drama
Alex is the film student forced by his college professor to stop making Jackie Chan "homage" films and make "something from the heart" in order to graduate. Lars is the painting student and Alex's roommate who is looking for a way to become a tortured artist... as long as he can keep his BMW and American Express Gold Card. Together, they meet Blue, who has recently moved into their apartment building. After discovering that she's a "hit woman," Alex appeals to her senses as a film fan and persuades her to let him film a documentary on her last "hit." As Alex becomes increasingly blinded by his obsession with capturing his documentary he risks everything and everyone, by convincing Blue to travel to New Orleans to find her foster father. Will they get back to LA in one piece... or will they become... Road Kill?

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1999-03-14
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Budget: $180,000
Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Production Companies : RicMar Productions, Roadkill Productions, Faultline Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Jennifer Rubin
as Blue
Erik Palladino
as Alex
Billy Jayne
as Lars
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Bobby
Tony Denison
as Mr. Z
Richard Portnow
as Charboneau
Brian Vander Ark
as Joey
Catherine Dyer
as Sara
Chris Codol
as Jordy
Jon Polito
as Jelly
Matthew Brannan
as Ronnie
Amanda Foreman
as Shayla
Jason MacDonald
as Frank
Christopher Halsted
as Gun Slinger
Marcia Moran
as Miami Waitress
Holly Dorff Associate Producer

Steve Gainer Cinematography

Matthew Leutwyler Director

Matthew Leutwyler Editor

Matthew Leutwyler Writer

Rebecca Taylor Producer

Marc Bonilla Music

Peter Rudy Writer

Scott Leutwyler Co-Producer
Marta M. Mobley Co-Producer
Richard Jastrow Producer
Marcie Lestz-Jastrow Producer
T. Michael Producer
Peter Michaels Executive Producer
Lindsey Pereenboom Executive Producer
Jennifer Reuben Co-Producer

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