The Vengeance of Ursus

Categories: Drama, Action, Adventure
The evil King Zagro has designs on the beautiful Princess Sira. He wants to marry her so he can take over her kingdom and add it to his own. When Sira is kidnapped, Ursus leaves his farm to rescue her and to eventually lead a revolt against King Zagro.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1961-12-07
Run time: 88 minute / 1:28
Director: Luigi Capuano
Writers: Roberto Gianviti, Luigi Capuano, Marcello Ciorciolini, Giovanni Scolaro.
Production Company : Splendor Films
Production Country: Italy


Samson Burke
as Ursus
Wandisa Guida
as Sira
Livio Lorenzon
as King Zagro
Gianni Rizzo
as Licurgo
Roberto Chevalier
as Dario
Nadia Sanders
as Sabra
Nerio Bernardi
as King Alteo
Franco Fantasia
as Captain of the Guard
Gina Rovere
as Lidia
Ignazio Balsamo
as Andros
Attilio Dottesio
as Afro, Zagro's Servant
Oberdan Troiani Director of Photography

Roberto Gianviti Screenplay

Carlo Innocenzi Original Music Composer

Luigi Capuano Screenplay

Luigi Capuano Director

Marcello Ciorciolini Screenplay
Giovanni Scolaro Screenplay

Ferdinand Felicioni Producer

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