Chasing Choo Choos

Categories: Action, Comedy
Virginia Craig will become super-wealthy and gain sole control of her factory, unless insubordinate schemers can trick her into marrying one of their clique. Unfortunately for them, she loves Monty, one of her employees. When the schemers' plot is discovered, a chase starts away from the factory and onto a runaway train.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1927-06-21
Run time: 21 minute / 0:21
Director: Joseph Henabery


Monty Banks
as Monty
Virginia Lee Corbin
as Virginia Craig
Charles Hill Mailes
as Silas Scott
Charles K. Gerrard
as Scott's son
Bud Jamison
as Big Bill
Harvey Parry Stunts

Joseph Henabery Director

Monty Banks Story
Harry Sweet Story
Charles Horan Story

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