Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story

Categories: Drama, TV Movie
Told mostly in flashbacks, the film tells the story of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman, one of the greatest and probably most famous courtesans of the twentieth century. While not showing her childhood, first marriage to Winston Churchill's son, or most of her affairs, we do get to see her affair and eventual marriage to Broadway producer Leland Hayward, and then her marriage to politician Averell Harriman, with whom she had an affair while both were married to others in World War II. We also see her as ambassador to France during her last years, and her death in 1997. While some (mostly her lovers) adored her, others (mostly her son and her husbands' children) hated her.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1998-10-12
Run time: 96 minute / 1:36
Director: Waris Hussein


as Pamela Harriman
Mitchell Ryan
as Averell Harriman
Gail Strickland
as Betsey Cushing Roosevelt Whitney
Natalie Radford
as Pamela Harriman at 20
John DeMita
as Peter Duchin
Susan Ruttan
as Janet
Sydney Walsh
as Minnie Churchill
Joan Severance
as Paley
Cynthia Harris
as Kathleen
Hal Landon Jr.
as Episcopal Bishop
Waris Hussein Director

Lisa Friedman Bloch Writer
Kathy Kirtland Silverman Writer

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