Alice in Wonderland

The Entertainment Miracle of All Times!

Categories: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
In this version of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice (Charlotte Henry) discovers that an ordinary library mirror is actually a portal into another world. As she adjusts to her constantly changing size, thanks to some mysterious cookies, she follows a rabbit with a pocket watch, stumbles upon a deranged tea party and seeks advice from the shadowy Cheshire Cat (Richard Arlen). Later, Alice runs into Humpty Dumpty (W. C. Fields), whose unfortunate tumble sets even stranger events in motion.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1933-12-18
Run time: 76 minute / 1:16
Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Writers: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, William Cameron Menzies.
Production Company : Paramount
Production Country: United States of America


Charlotte Henry
as Alice
Richard Arlen
as Cheshire Cat
Roscoe Ates
as Fish
William Austin
as Gryphon
Gary Cooper
as White Knight
Leon Errol
as Uncle Gilbert
Louise Fazenda
as White Queen
W.C. Fields
as Humpty-Dumpty
Alec B. Francis
as King of Hearts
Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher
as Rabbit
Cary Grant
as Mock Turtle
Sterling Holloway
as Frog
Edward Everett Horton
as Mad Hatter
Edna May Oliver
as Red Queen
May Robson
as Queen Of Hearts
Alison Skipworth
as Duchess
Ned Sparks
as Caterpillar
Jack Oakie
as Tweedledum
Roscoe Karns
as Tweedledee
Polly Moran
as Dodo Bird
Mae Marsh
as Sheep
Raymond Hatton
as Mouse
Lillian Harmer
as Cook
Ethel Griffies
as Miss Simpson
Charles Ruggles
as March Hare
Jackie Searl
as Dormouse
Ford Sterling
as White King
Patsy O'Byrne
as Aunt
Baby LeRoy
as Joker
Billy Barty
as White Pawn / The Baby
Billy Bevan
as Two of Spades (uncredited)
Colin Kenny
as The Clock (uncredited)
Harry Ekezian
as First Executioner (uncredited)
Dimitri Tiomkin Original Music Composer

Joseph L. Mankiewicz Screenplay
William Cameron Menzies Screenplay

William Cameron Menzies Art Direction

Bert Glennon Director of Photography

Ellsworth Hoagland Editor

Henry Sharp Director of Photography

Lewis Carroll Author

Norman Z. McLeod Director

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