The Oasis

Category: Drama
A plane crash in the Mexican desert leaves a small group of survivors who are desperate for food and water. Fearing that they may never be found where they are, they head for where it is hoped there will be civilization and rescue. When their hopes prove unfounded, they must face the horrible possibility of choosing between giving up and dying, or doing the unthinkable to survive.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1984-01-02
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Director: Sparky Greene


Chris Makepeace
as Matt
Scott Hylands
as Jake
Richard Cox
as Paul
Dori Brenner
as Jill
Suzanne Snyder
as Jennifer
Mark Metcalf
as Eric
Anne Lockhart
as Anna
Ben Slack
as Louis
Rick Podell
as Alex
Sparky Greene Director © 2021

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