Categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
Urged by famous airman Ellissen the Lennartz Company puts into reality the project proposed by his friend Droste: F.P.1, a huge floating platform in the Atlantic that makes long-distance flights viable. Ellissen is in love with company heiress Claire, but when he returns from his adventures to save the endangered F.P.1 he finds out that he has lost her to Droste. English version of F.P.1 antwortet nicht with Conrad Veidt replacing Hans Albers as the jaded pilot Ellissen.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1933-04-02
Director: Karl Hartl


Conrad Veidt
as Maj. Ellissen
Jill Esmond
as Claire Lennartz
Leslie Fenton
as Capt. B.E. Droste
George Merritt
as Lubin
Donald Calthrop
as Sunshine, the Photographer
Alexander Field
as A Sailor
Francis L. Sullivan
as A Sailor
Warwick Ward
as First Officer
Nicholas Hannen
as Matthias Lennartz
William Freshman
as Conrad Lennartz
Philipp Manning
as Ship's Doctor
Will Van Allen
Karl Hartl Director

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