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Categories: Comedy, Drama
Stuart Guber has decided to drop back into society, by leaving his performance artist girlfriend and accepting a job working for a top record label. Trouble soon arises when his boss concocts the idea of doing a sex themed game show (hosted by character actor legend Dick Miller). Meanwhile, Stuart begins having an affair with the sister of the label’s new superstar (Thelma Houston).

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1977-11-25
Run time: 89 minute / 1:29
Director: David N. Gottlieb


John Vickery
as Stuart Guber
Thelma Houston
as Dana Sheridan
Diane Sommerfield
as Cici Sheridan
Rae Sperling
as Chick
Gilbert DeRush
as Roger Feinstein
Dick Miller
as Joe Lippin - Game Show Host
Nick Pellegrino
as Arnold Goldner
Diane Thomas
as Josie
Sid Melton
as Marvin Schmitt
Willie Bobo
as Jonny Mayfield
Charles Champlin
as Himself
Cheryl Smith
as Game Show Assistant / Prize
Kathy Ritter
as Receptionist
Bill Elliot
as Hank Tuttle
Lois Newman
as Marsha
Fritz Savnar
as Mr. Yee
Cal Gibson
as Bobby Jackson
Frank Cuva
as Tom Crankshaw
Craig Abernathy
as Jimmy Ross
Stan Roth
as Dave Shapiro
Adair Jameson
as Secretary
Toni Handcock
as Secretary
David N. Gottlieb Director

David N. Gottlieb Editor

David N. Gottlieb Producer

David N. Gottlieb Writer

Allan Capps Director of Photography © 2020

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