Nurse Edith Cavell

Categories: Drama, War
British nurse Edith Cavell (Anna Neagle) is stationed at a hospital in Brussels during World War I. When the son of a former patient escapes from a German prisoner-of-war camp, she helps him flee to Holland. Outraged at the number of soldiers detained in the camps, Edith, along with a group of sympathizers, devises a plan to help the prisoners escape. As the group works to free the soldiers, Edith must keep her activities secret from the Germans

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1939-08-31
Run time: 97 minute / 1:37
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Production Companies : RKO Radio Pictures, Imperadio Pictures Ltd.
Production Country: United States of America



Anna Neagle
as Nurse Edith Cavell
Edna May Oliver
as Countess de Mavon
George Sanders
as Capt. Heinrichs
May Robson
as Mme. Rappard
Zasu Pitts
as Mme. Moulin
H.B. Warner
as Hugh Gibson
Sophie Stewart
as Sister Williams
Mary Howard
as Nurse O'Brien
Robert Coote
as Bungey
Martin Kosleck
as Pierre
Gui Ignon
as Cobbler
Lionel Royce
as Gen. von Ehrhardt
Jimmy Butler
as Jean Rappard
Rex Downing
as Fran├žois Rappard
Henry Brandon
as Lt. Schultz
Louis V. Arco
as Pvt. Rammler
Egon Brecher
as Dr. Gunther
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
as Undetermined Role
Joe De Stefani
as Manager
Richard Deane
as Lt. Wilson, Airman
Ernst Deutsch
as Dr. Schroeder, Public Prosecutor
William Edmunds
as Albert
Gilbert Emery
as Brand Whitlock
Jack Gargan
as German Soldier
Halliwell Hobbes
as British Chaplain
Willy Kaufman
as Baron von Weser
Fritz Leiber
as Sadi Kirschen
Torben Meyer
as Bit Role
Lucien Prival
as Lt. Schmidt
Frank Reicher
as Baron von Bissing
Bert Roach
as George Moulin
Bodil Rosing
as Charlotte
Robert R. Stephenson
as German Officer
Henry Victor
as Jaubec
Wilhelm von Brincken
as German Firing Squad Officer
Gustav von Seyffertitz
as President of Trial Court
Gene Garrick
as Young German Soldier
Herbert Wilcox Director

Michael Hogan Writer
Reginald Berkeley Story
Edith Cavell Novel

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