Earl Carroll Vanities

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Broadway producer Earl Carroll was a Ziegfeld-like entrepreneur who staged lavish revues featuring attractive young ladies. Carroll's annual "Vanities" provided story material for three Hollywood films: Murder at the Vanities (34), A Night at Earl Carroll's (40) and Earl Carroll Vanities (45). This last film was produced by Republic Pictures, a bread-and-butter studio specializing in Westerns and serials; Republic had made musicals before, but few of them were expensive enough to allow for lavish production numbers. Earl Carroll Vanities is likewise rather threadbare, though some of the individual musical highlights aren't bad. The plot, such as it is, concerns financially strapped nightclub owner Eve Arden, who finagles Earl Carroll into staging one of his revues at her club.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1945-04-05
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Director: Joseph Santley
Writer: Frank Gill Jr.
Production Company : Republic Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Dennis O'Keefe
as Danny Baldwin
Constance Moore
as Drina
Eve Arden
as Tex Donnelly
Otto Kruger
as Earl Carroll
Alan Mowbray
as Grand Duke Paul
Stephanie Bachelor
as Claire Elliott
Pinky Lee
as Pinky Price
Mary Forbes
as Queen Mother Elena
Harry Parke
as Walter
Leon Belasco
as Baron Dashek
Tom Dugan
as Waiter in Tex's Club
Chester Clute
as Mr. Weems
Tom London
as Tom the Doorman
Beverly Lloyd
as Cigarette Girl
Edward Gargan
as Policeman
Robert Greig
as Vonce the Butler
Wilton Graff
as Mr. Thayer
Tommy Ivo
as Tommy
Melva Anstead
as Dancer
Bobby Barber
as Cab Driver
Joy Barlow
as Dancer
Joan Blair
as Mrs. Weems
Joan Byron
as Dancer
Martha Carroll
as Dancer
Charles Coleman
as 2nd Butler
Margia Dean
as Chorine
Charles Dorety
as Waiter
Bobbie Dorree
as Dancer
Geraldine Farnum
as Dancer
Frances Gladwin
as Dancer
Harriette Haddon
as Dancer
Rosemonde James
as Dancer
Jimmy Kelly
as Fat Man
Donald Kerr
as Assistant Dance Director
Marian Kerrigan
as Dancer
Helen Klinkner
as Hat Check Girl
Rex Lease
as Policeman
Ethelreda Leopold
as Chorine
Guido Lombardo
as Bartender
Adele Mara
as Chorine
Marie McCardle
as Chorine
Rose Marie Morel
as Dancer
Diana Mumby
as Dancer
Jack O'Shea
as Cab Driver
Patti Posten
as Dancer
Stanley Price
as Sandwich Man
Arlyn Roberts
as Dancer
Jane Ross
as Dancer
Vicki Saunders
as Dancer
Sarah Selby
as Mrs. Thayer
Dorothy Stevens
as Dancer
Charles Sullivan
as Mugg
Robert J. Wilke
as Cab Driver
Jack A. Marta Director of Photography

Albert J. Cohen Associate Producer

Russell Kimball Art Direction

Richard L. Van Enger Editor

Cortland Fitzsimmons Original Story

Joseph Santley Director

Frank Gill Jr. Screenplay

Frank Hotaling Art Direction
Earl Wooden Set Decoration

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