The SuperGal

That's the way the cookie crumbles. Even for a tough cookie.

Categories: Science Fiction, Comedy, Animation
Maris is a freelance bounty hunter/soldier of fortune who just wants to be so rich that she doesn't have to work anymore. Just one slight problem... Maris is from a world of super strong beings, and constantly has to pay for damages she and her parents inflict wherever they go,

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1986-05-21
Run time: 50 minute / 0:50
Directors: Kazuyoshi Katayama, Motosuke Takahashi.
Writers: Hideo Takayashiki, Tomoko Konparu.
Production Companies : Victor Entertainment, Shogakukan, Pierrot
Production Country: Japan


Toshio Furukawa
as Shuryou Koganemaru (voice)
Sumi Shimamoto
as Sue (voice)
Sukekiyo Kameyama
as Father (voice)
Atsuko Mine
as Mother (voice)
Jōji Yanami
as Murphy (voice)
Mami Koyama
as Maris (voice)
Junpei Takiguchi
as Taisa (voice)
Hideo Takayashiki Screenplay
Tomoko Konparu Screenplay

Kazuyoshi Katayama Director

Rumiko Takahashi Original Story

Motosuke Takahashi Director

Toran Arai Art Direction

Hiroki Takeda Music

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