Subway Stories: Tales from the Underground

Categories: TV Movie, Comedy, Drama
The actual experiences of New York City subway riders are dramatized in a collection of 10 intriguing and very different vignettes. The tales showcase an ensemble of familiar faces, and range from stories of compassion and love to reflections on violence and loss. Among them: a disabled beggar quarrels with a woman and ruins her shoes with his wheelchair, provoking onlookers to wrath and pity; a skittish tourist proves to be her own worst enemy; a newlywed trysts with a mysterious sexpot; a commuter helplessly witnesses a suicide attempt; and, in the most affecting segment, a young woman grieves over her mother's imminent death.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1997-07-24
Run time: 80 minute / 1:20
Directors: Jonathan Demme, Craig McKay, Bob Balaban, Ted Demme, Abel Ferrara, Julie Dash, Alison Maclean, Seth Zvi Rosenfeld, Patricia Benoit, Lucas Platt.
Production Companies : HBO, Clinica Estetico, Ten in a Car Productions, HBO Films
Production Country: United States of America


Jerry Stiller
as Old Man (segment "The 5:24")
Steve Zahn
as Tucker (segment "The 5:24")
Bill Irwin
as Bill Irwin (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
as Vendor (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Andre B. Blake
as Knish Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Robert W. Castle
as Knish Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Tina North
as Grandmother (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Paul Lazar
as Mr. Nervous (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Anthony S. Calypso
as Knish Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Marlon Cherry
as Musician (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Carl J. Ferrazza
as Hot Dog Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Daniel Freedman
as Strange Man (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Marc Mueller
as (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Paul Mueller
as (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Simon Seven
as (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Joe Toutebon
as Knish Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Daniel Wolff
as Knish Buyer (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Mari Danzi
as (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Lara McFarlane
as (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Angie Utt
as Distinguished Rider (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Audrey Meyers
as Distinguished Rider (segment "Subway Car from Hell")
Denis Leary
as Wheelchair Man (segment "The Red Shoes")
Christine Lahti
as Red Shoe Woman (segment "The Red Shoes")
N'Bushe Wright
as Young Girl (segment "The Red Shoes")
Marie Barrientos
as Ragged Woman (segment "The Red Shoes")
O.L. Duke
as News Seller (segment "The Red Shoes")
Ellen Gould
as Shopper (segment "The Red Shoes")
John C. Vennema
as Executive (segment "The Red Shoes")
Sixto Ramos
as Security Guard (segment "The Red Shoes")
Erika Greene
as (segment "The Red Shoes")
Bonnie Hunt
as Fern McDermott (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
Richard Spore
as White Man (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
Mekhi Phifer
as Man in Hallway (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
José Ramón Rosario
as Transit Worker (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
Nancy Ticotin
as Business Woman (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
John Ford Noonan
as Blanket Man (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
Lili Taylor
as Belinda (segment "The Listeners")
Michael Rapaport
as Jake (segment "The Listeners")
Israel Horovitz
as Older Man (segment "The Listeners")
Mercedes Ruehl
as Leyla (segment "Underground")
Zachary Taylor
as Wayne (segment "Underground")
Peter Sarsgaard
as Boy No. 1 (segment "Underground")
Jeremy Jordan
as Boy No. 2 (segment "Underground")
Bruce Smolanoff
as Boy No. 3 (segment "Underground")
Rob Clasen
as Boy No. 4 (segment "Underground")
Jay Bailey
as Subway Musician (segment "Underground")
Sarita Choudhury
as Humera (segment "Honey-Getter")
Nicole Ari Parker
as Sharon (segment "Honey-Getter")
Ajay Naidu
as Prashant (segment "Honey-Getter")
Danny Hoch
as Edward (segment "Honey-Getter")
Steven Randazzo
as Officer Mulioli (segment "Honey-Getter")
Gi Shen
as Subway Musician (segment "Honey-Getter")
Kenny Garrett
as Sax Player (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Sam Rockwell
as Man Eating (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Sol Frieder
as Old News Man (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Tammi Cubilette
as Denise (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Kavi Ladnier
as D'Jamila (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Bruklin Harris
as Dorcas (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Taral Hicks
as Woman with Flowers (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Daniel Rous
as Jewish Cantor (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Will Hare
as Homeless Man (segment "Sax Cantor Riff")
Rosie Perez
as The Girl (segment "Love on the A Train")
Michael McGlone
as John T. (segment "Love on the A Train")
Gretchen Mol
as Wife (segment "Love on the A Train")
Gregory Hines
as Jack (segment "Manhattan Miracle")
Anne Heche
as Pregnant Girl (segment "Manhattan Miracle")
George T. Odom
as Miracle Old Man (segment "Manhattan Miracle")
Jonathan Demme Director

Jonathan Demme Executive Producer
Edward Saxon Executive Producer
Rosie Perez Executive Producer

Craig McKay Director

Adam Brooks Writer

Adam Kimmel Director of Photography

Bob Balaban Director

Elizabeth Kling Editor

Ted Demme Director
Abel Ferrara Director

Richard Guay Producer

Ken Kelsch Director of Photography

Jeffrey Wolf Editor

Tony C. Jannelli Director of Photography

Andy Keir Editor
Angelo Corrao Editor

John Guare Writer
Joe Viola Writer
Danny Hoch Writer

Julie Dash Director

Julie Dash Writer

Tom Hurwitz Director of Photography

Alison Maclean Director

Colleen Sharp Editor

Seth Zvi Rosenfeld Director

Seth Zvi Rosenfeld Writer

Patricia Benoit Director

Albert Innaurato Writer

Donna Stern Editor

Lynn Grossman Writer

Valerie Thomas Producer

Lucas Platt Director

Marla Hanson Writer
Angela Todd Writer

Mecca Bodega Music

Victoria Westhead Associate Producer

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