By Dawn's Early Light

Four people... Three minutes... Two choices... One chance for survival.

Categories: TV Movie, Action, Drama, Thriller
A nuclear warhead launched by Soviet insurgents protesting the waning Cold War destroys the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The destruction sets off a race between American and Soviet politicians to prevent a nuclear holocaust. While the U.S. president feverishly works to keep the military and political machine from going into overdrive, various subordinates panic. When the president is believed to be killed in a helicopter crash, zealous advisers take over.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1990-05-19
Run time: 101 minute / 1:41
Director: Jack Sholder


Powers Boothe
as Maj. Cassidy
Rebecca De Mornay
as Capt. Moreau
James Earl Jones
as Looking Glass General - 'Alice'
Martin Landau
as President
Darren McGavin
as Condor - Secretary of Interior
Jeffrey DeMunn
as E-4 Admiral - 'Harpoon'
Rip Torn
as E-4 Col. Fargo
Peter MacNicol
as Lt. Cmdr. Tom Sedgewicke
Glenn Withrow
as Tyler
Ronald William Lawrence
as Hooker
Kieran Mulroney
as Radnor
Nicolas Coster
as General Renning - 'Icarus'
Ken Jenkins
as Looking Glass Colonel - 'Sam'
Randal Patrick
as O'Toole
Daniel Benzali
as Bascombe
Robert O'Reilly
as FEMA Radioman
Annabella Price
as FEMA Bunker Nurse
Annabella Price
as Looking Glass Officer
Glenn Morshower
as F-18 Pilot
Dana Kimmell
as Tyler's Wife
Danielle von Zerneck
as Radnor's Wife
Katherine Cortez
as Moreau's Roommate
Katherine Cortez
as SAC Colonel
Paul Tompkins
as SAC Aide #1
Richard Speight Jr.
as SAC Guard
Steve Eastin
as Smitty
Steve Rankin
as E-4 Pilot
Mike Gomez
as E-4 Co-Pilot
Scott Trost
as E-4 Radioman
Pat Skipper
as Secret Service Agent
Adrian Ricard
as Mother in Woods
Dagmar Stanec
as Turkish Controller
Richard Assad
as Turkish Controller
Jack Sholder Director

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