Digimon: The Movie

Categories: Fantasy, Animation, Science Fiction, Family
The first story focused on Tai and Kari Kamiya four years before their adventure in the Digital World. It shows their first encounter with Digimon and what happened to them (as well as the other children). Tai and Kari wake one morning to find a Digi-Egg that came out of their computer the night before and the egg soon hatches, revealing a Botamon. The Digimon then evolves into Koromon and then Agumon (not the same one that became friends with Tai in the series, and yet, somehow, both Koromon and Kari remember each other), who then goes out and unintentionally destroys a good part of the neighborhood with Kari riding on his back. A second Digi-Egg appears in the sky to reveal an evil digimon, Parrotmon. Agumon then Digivolves to Greymon but isn't strong enough to beat Parrotmon and is knocked out. Tai grabs Kari's whistle and wakes up Greymon, who defeats Parrotmon and disappears with him.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2000-03-17
Run time: 82 minute / 1:22
Budget: $5,500,000
Revenue: $16,600,000
Directors: Mamoru Hosoda, Shigeyasu Yamauchi.
Production Companies : Toei Company, Ltd., Saban Entertainment, 20th Century Fox
Production Countries: Japan, United States of America



Lara Jill Miller
as Kari / Kari (Young) (voice)
Joshua Seth
as Tai / Tai (Young) (voice)
Bob Papenbrook
as Red Greymon (voice)
Doug Erholtz
as TK (voice)
Steve Blum
as Flamedramon / Raidramon / Magnamon (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
as Sora (voice)
Michael Reisz
as Matt (voice)
Wendee Lee
as TK (Young) / Kokomon / Party Girl #1 (voice)
Brianne Siddall
as Koromon / Kuramon (voice)
Joseph Pilato
as MetalGreymon (voice)
Jeff Nimoy
as Tentamon / Kabuterimon / MegaKabuterimon / Barney / Floyd the Barber / Phone Voice #1 / Truck Driver #1 (voice)
Bob Buchholz
as Andy / Male Customer / Phone Voice #2 / Squad Leader / Truck Driver #2 / Uncle Al / Voice Mail Operator (voice)
Paul St. Peter
as Keramon / Infermon / Diaboromon / Wendigomon / Antylamon / Cherubimon (voice)
Edie Mirman
as Gatomon / Angewomon / Magnadramon / Recorded Operator (voice)
Neil Kaplan
as Hawkmon / Halsemon / Computer Voice #2 / Professor (voice)
Tifanie Christun
as Biyomon / Yolei Inoue / Birthday Girl / Grocery Girl (voice)
Anna Garduno
as Palmon / Aunt Bea / Lady Truck Driver (voice)
Dave Mallow
as Upamon / Angemon / Seraphimon (voice)
Lex Lang
as WarGreymon / Omnimon / Rapidmon (voice)
Michael Sorich
as Big Agumon / Gargomon / Miko the Cat (voice)
Philece Sampler
as Mimi Tachikawa / Matt & TK's Grandmother / Cody Hida (voice)
Bob Glouberman
as Willis / Willis (Young) (voice)
Elizabeth Rice
as Boy 1 / Sora's Mom / Operator / Kid 2 (voice)
Michael Lindsay
as Joe Kido / Greymon (voice)
Mona Marshall
as Izzy Izumi / Terriermon (voice)
Tom Fahn
as Agumon / Digmon (voice)
Brian Donovan
as Davis Motomiya (voice)
David Lodge
as Parrotmon (voice)
Dorothy Elias-Fahn
as Yuuko (voice)
Laura Summer
as Patamon (voice)
Mike Reynolds
as Gennai (voice)
Peggy O'Neal
as Botamon (voice)
Ralph Garman
as Newsman (voice)
Robert Axelrod
as Armadillomon (voice)
R. Martin Klein
as Gomamon (voice)
Mamoru Hosoda Director
Shigeyasu Yamauchi Director

Akiyoshi Hongo Creator

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