Categories: Drama, Crime
Paramount's first all-talking picture, Interference was dismally directed by Roy Pomeroy, whose lofty status as the studio's "technical wizard" did not necessarily qualify him to be a director. Evelyn Brent heads the cast as scheming Deborah Kane, who sets out to blackmail Faith Marley (Doris Kenyon), the above-reproach wife of Sir John Marlay.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1928-11-04
Run time: 83 minute / 1:23
Directors: Lothar Mendes, Roy Pomeroy.


William Powell
as Philip Voaze
Evelyn Brent
as Deborah Kane
Clive Brook
as Sir John Marlay
Doris Kenyon
as Faith Marlay
Tom Ricketts
as Charles Smith
Brandon Hurst
as Inspector Haynes
Louis Payne
as Childers
Wilfred Noy
as Dr. Gray
Donald Stuart
as Freddie
Raymond Lawrence
as Reporter
Clyde Cook
as Hearse Driver
Ernest Pascal Dialogue

J. Roy Hunt Director of Photography

Lothar Mendes Director

Hope Loring Writer
Julian Johnson Writer
Roland Pertwee Theatre Play
Harold Dearden Theatre Play

Roy Pomeroy Director

Louise Long Writer

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