Fearless Hyena

Categories: Comedy, Action
Jackie Chan is a youngster, living in a remote vllage with his grandfather who teaches him Kong-Fu (naturally). He keeps getting into fights, even though his grandfather warns him not to show their Kong-Fu to others. Jackie, though, is tempted by some thugs he beat up to act as the master of a Kong-Fu school. This school's name apparently spreads far, as an old enemy of Jackie's grandfather (who t

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1979-02-17
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Directors: Jackie Chan, Kenneth Tsang.
Production Company : Lung Cheung Company Limited
Production Countries: Hong Kong, South Korea



Jackie Chan
as Chan
James Tien
as Grandpa
Yen Shi-Kwan
as Yen Chuen Wong
Lee Kwan
as Tee Cha
Chan Wai-Lau
as Unicorn
Cheng Fu-Hung
as Great Bear
Ma Cheung
as Iron Head
Wong Chi-Sang
as One of Yen Chuen Wong's men
Ricky Cheng Tien-Chi
as Willow Sword
Dean Shek
as Undertaker
Eagle Han Ying
as Chin Wa Li
Wong Yiu
as Stony Egg
Jackie Chan Director
Kenneth Tsang Director

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