Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars

This time those cock-eyed crime-busters land in more trouble than anyone could safely handle.

Categories: Action, Comedy
The third installment in the Lucky Stars series, following Winners and Sinners (1983) and My Lucky Stars (1985)... The team are released from prison to play detective in order to stop a ruthless gang from ruining their reputations, taking their lives, and that of a key witness in an upcoming trial. They must battle their way through and with the help of Muscles, take down the bad guys.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1985-08-15
Run time: 105 minute / 1:45
Budget: $9,023,199
Director: Sammo Hung
Production Company : Paragon Films Ltd.
Production Country: Hong Kong


Sammo Hung
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck
Richard Ng
as Sandy
Stanley Fung
as Rawhide
Michael Miu
as Pagoda
Eric Tsang
as Roundhead
Charlie Chin Chiang-Lin
as Herb
Yuen Biao
as Ricky Fung
Jackie Chan
as Muscles
Sibelle Hu
as Chief Insp Wu Ba Wah
Walter Tso Tat-Wah
as Supt Tsao
John Shum Kin-Fun
as Wormgrass
Rosamund Kwan
as Wong Chi Ching
Jaime Mei Chun Chik
as Amy
Anthony Chan Yau
as Lotta
Melvin Wong Gam-Sam
as Mr. Ma
Billy Lau
as Play Director
Michelle Yeoh
as Judo Instructor
Cheung Ging-Boh
as Thai Boss
Wu Ma
as Voodoo Man in Thailand
Paul Chung Fat
as Parachute Assassin
Yasuaki Kurata
as Parachute Assassin
Richard Norton
as Parachute Assassin
Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu
as Tourist in Thailand
Season Ma
as Tourist in Thailand
Ng Ha-Ping
as Tourist in Thailand
Kara Hui
as Tourist in Thailand
Phillip Ko
as Warehouse Thug
Dick Wei
as Warehouse Thug
Andy Lau
as Inspector at Warehouse
Pauline Wong Siu-Fung
as Cameo at the End
Moon Lee Choi-Fung
as Cameo at the End
Chin Siu-Ho
as Cameo at the End
Wong Jing
as Person at the End
Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai Director of Photography

Peter Cheung Editor

Fruit Chan Assistant Director
Yuen Wah Action Director
Sammo Hung Director

Sammo Hung Producer

Barry Wong Writer

Eddie Ma Art Direction

Yuen Biao Action Director
Lam Ching-Ying Action Director

Johnny Koo Director of Photography

Chin Ka-Lok Action Director

Tang Siu-Lam Original Music Composer

Joe Chu Kai-Sang Assistant Director

Anders Nelsson Original Music Composer

Tang Chung-Kan Assistant Director

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