Soul of the Beast

Category: Drama
This northwoods comedy-drama, by way of a circus drama, was directed by John Griffith Wray for Thomas H. Ince, and stars Madge Bellamy.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1923-05-06
Run time: 65 minute / 1:5
Director: John Griffith Wray
Production Company : Thomas H. Ince Corporation
Production Country: United States of America



Madge Bellamy
as Ruth Lorrimore
Cullen Landis
as Paul Nadeau
Noah Beery
as Caesar Durand
Vola Vale
as Jacqueline
Bert Sprotte
as Silas Hamm
Harry L. Rattenberry
as Pere Boussut
Carrie Clark Ward
as Mrs.Boussut
Lincoln Stedman
as Henri
Larry Steers
as Policeman
Vernon Dent
as The Boob
Henry Sharp Director of Photography

Ralph Dixon Writer
C. Gardner Sullivan Story

Thomas H. Ince Producer

John Griffith Wray Director

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